All pieces in our highest quality product line are forged, through multiple separate steps. Rounded ends and rectangular surfaces on the handles are featured in this exceptionally fine series. The workmanship and precisely manufactured details guarantee the pieces to be resistant to scratches and stay indestructibly shiny.
The dimensions of each item were designed to ensure a perfect combination of weight and balance in one’s grip. The pieces in this line are amply distinctive to sit in the spotlight of a luxurious dining experience.

• All pieces crafted in high quality 18/10 stainless steel, at a heavy 4-8mm gauge
• Four-piece place setting includes a Table Knife, Table Spoon, Table Fork and Tea Spoon – set available in any multiples
• Logos or names can be stamped, etched on the back for personalization
• Minimum pieces in each order: 3,600 pcs

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